Recycle your car or truck! Sell your metals!

3 Ways to Recycle your Car at Misgen Auto Parts

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Why should you call us to recycle your car or truck?

#1.  We are licensed, bonded and insured.

#2.  We can tow your vehicle for you.

#3.  We drain all fluids for reuse and recycling.

#4.  We recycle mercury switches, keeping the environment (and nearby Beaver Lake) cleaner because of it.

#5.  We will re-use good parts, including tires, which is good for the environment.

#6.  We have a storm water plan where we work to keep rain, sleet and snow away from potential contaminants.

#7.  We are committed to practicing the highest standards set by our industry through our MN-CAR certification.

#8.  We support our local community, especially the fire departments, by providing training opportunities when they ask.

#9.  We report the vehicles that are recycled here to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System

#10.  We were green before it was called green.